Membership Committee of Rotary Club of Wuse Central

Rotary club of Wuse central got chartered in the year 2000, making the club 16 years and has produced 18 President to date. The club has periodically provided support to the needy from the donation of food, clothes, basic medication shelter for orphanages & a leprosarium to providing potable water for rural villages.

As at July 2016 the Membership commence with 67 members, we meet every Mondays at 7pm for fellowship and 7.30pm to 8.30pm for Formal meeting.

The following are procedures adopted by the membership committee before we admit new members or re-admit to our club.

  • You must be proposed by an existing member of the club.
  • You have attended meeting for 4 meetings consecutively without any break or have been tutored on rotary basics for at least 4 hours over a period of 3 weeks by a mentor before induction.
  • You are gainfully employed or self employed
  • You have control over your time in the office and can make yourself available for meetings every Monday by 7pm till 8.30pm
  • You live or do business in Abuja.
  • You do not have any criminal record, neither have you been indicted of fraud or corruption previously.
  • You are a contributor to society in your profession, occupation, industry, business, or community role.
  • You are committed to the personal ethic of Service Above Self, The Four-Way Test and support the Object Of Rotary.
  • You are willing to participate regularly in the meetings of Rotary Club of Wuse Central.
  • You are willing to accept tasks and responsibilities.
  • You are willing to make financial contributions to support club projects, the District Activities and The Rotary Foundation.
  • You are prepared to pay Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) of US$100/N33,000 by July of every year.
  • You are prepared to pay admittance fee, club dues & EREY of N66,000.00 (subject to review according to our Bye laws) in full before induction and subsequent annual dues by July 1st of every year

The procedures/step for inducting members would be as follows:

  • A member proposes a new member to the membership committee having attended meetings for 4 consecutive last meeting without any break to the membership committee
  • The proposer submits duly completed membership form with Passport Photo Graph, Curriculum Vitae, and Summary of the proposed members’ profile.
  • The membership committee reviews all the check list to become a member and invites same for interview within one week of submission of the new member form
  • After clearance by the membership committee, the proposed member is presented to the whole club for approval at the next meeting date. This could also be done via email notification to all members.
  • Any objection would be forwarded to the membership committee within 7 days of presentation of the proposed member.
  • If no objection within 7 days of presenting to the members, the proposed member would be requested to meet up his/her financial obligation of N66,000 and advised of the date of induction. He would also be loaned a classification.
  • As an 100% PHF club, proposed member should be willing to contribute $1,000 within 6 months of admittance to membership.
  • The proposed member is advised to attend the induction with his/her family members or friends, this is mandatory.
  • On induction, the name is submitted to Rotary International and advised of their RI number on the spot by the President.
  • Documents to be provided on induction shall be 1 Rotary PIN, Object of Rotary, 4 Way test, Rotarian code of conduct and Rotary Basics, current club handbook.
  • During induction, one of the inductee would speak on their Road to Rotary to inspire others.

Membership Committee Chairman.